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An online platform where you can access any kind of video. Any type of content it may be entertaining, educational comedy, biography yeah spiritual  knowledgeable yeah series movies podcast everything under one platform

YouTube is a global platform where you can upload your video from anywhere at any time and everyone can watch that anywhere anytime. From YouTube, you can earn money

Let’s learn more about YouTube

YouTube was launched on 14 February 2005 by Steve Chen and his partners, Chad, Hurley, and Jawed Karim.

YouTube headquarters are in San Bruno California

Apart from YouTube, Google is the most famous side of the globe. After Google YouTube is the second most visited website.

Around 2.5 billion people use YouTube every month. you will be surprised that more than 1 billion hours of videos. Ye watched it in one day on YouTube.YouTube is a source of income for many youngsters, Influencers who come up with new content, new idea, and new videos daily or every week.

As google the first most visited website, competed with YouTube as youtube became the second most visited website so in October 2006 google bought youtube for $1.65 billion.

As google owns youtube it started generating revenue from different types of advertising.

Soon after that youtube started some paid content such as some movies which are available to paid ott platforms and video content produced by YouTube.

Youtube also started offering a service in which you can watch videos without watching any ads, as now everywhere ads are coming whether it’s a video or audio or on social media apps.

Youtube started YouTube Premium a paid subscription by which you can watch videos without any ads.

YouTube was quite famous among youngsters, but when covid-19 hits youtube generated millions because everyone was at home and watching videos from kids’ school poems to old age satsang videos everything was there on video from gaming videos to cooking videos each of us was busy watching videos and enjoying them and by this youtube made around $19.8 billion in 2020. And in 2021 its annual revenue was $ 28.8 billion this also includes the money from ads.

as youtube was earning millions they started their service in many different ways like youtube premium which means videos without ads.

Youtube Kids

It’s an American children’s video app.

this app provides services to children with the selection of videos, and parental control features and shows content that is aged under 13,8 and 5.

Youtube Music

Youtube also streams music a subscription music streaming platform, which is similar to Spotify and other music apps

Youtube movies

It’s a service by youtube where you watch movies. Most of the movies are free but some are paid watch

Youtube shorts

While everyone was busy making 30sec videos youtube launched its feature of youtube shots where you can post short clips of your videos.

Youtube stories

This feature is identical to Instagram stories, this feature allows you to share your current memories and will be available for 24 hours only that’s the youtube stories.

Youtube includes so many types of videos in different formats like youtube shots, music clips, news, short film, feature films, documentaries, and many more.

YouTube also give live streaming services to people who love to stream their content live.

So many people started streaming in lockdown and created money in lockdown.

YouTube provides you with many features like uploading good quality videos. You can do live streaming. You can build up your community.YouTube also claims copyright issues.

Nowadays, YouTube has come up with so many new services like YouTube, premium, YouTube, kids, YouTube, music, YouTube movies, YouTube TV, YouTube go, YouTube shorts, and YouTube stories.

Where everyone loves to watch videos. There are some videos that they want to keep getting in offline mode. But unfortunately, YouTube doesn’t allow you to download videos directly to your phone or laptop. You can only download the videos on YouTube and watch them offline mode.

Sometimes we just want to listen to some music from youtube and do our work but its not possible as youtube doesn’t allow you to use 2 applications at one time like you cannot use two apps at one time, so like if you want to just listen to some music then you have to watch the whole video so to overcome that problem we have come up with YouTube to MP3. This is the platform where you can convert any video into audio format. You can also download the video as it is.

one can use YouTube to MP3 on phones on their PCs yeah and other devices.

Now you must be thinking about how to download the video. So here are the few steps by which you can easily download your favorite video from YouTube to your device.

  1. The very first step is to open YouTube and search for your favorite video.
  • After watching the video, click yes on the share button and they will be the option for copying the link from there simply copy the link.
  • Then open YouTube to MP3 converter.
YouTube to MP3 converter

Click on the First link and you will see the screen with the box which mentions

Please insert a valid YouTube Video URL

YouTube Video URL

4. After that paste the link in the converter, and you can choose the format in which you want to download the video either MP3 or MP4 by clicking on it.

5. As soon as you click on the converter by default, it will be downloaded in MP3 format.

6. when you will click on the converter, it will take a few minutes to download the video.

7. the video will be downloaded in the best possible quality.

8. the conversion time of the video will be dependent on the length of the video.

youtube to mp3

9. when the conversion is completed, you will see a download button. Over there you have to click on that button and the downloading will start.

10. After the file is downloaded you can check it and listen to it.

With the help of YouTube to MP3 you can easily convert any video in audio that you want to listen to listen.

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