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Solve your data challenges with Saras Solutions

Data management is very important to be on the path to success in the organization. It helps in fostering the decision making for small to medium enterprises. The data management systems help the data analyst, data scientists, data engineers and business intelligence team to get the insights. This helps them further to know the reality of the business and gives them the right track to achieve the organizational goals. With Saras, you can get some customized solutions that help in data management. Not only with data warehousing, but they will help in providing analytics and data science accessible for any company, especially SBMs.

They offer many products and services and some of them are subscription based and some are one time services. This helps the organization regulate its data by providing analytics and giving the results in a few minutes. Know that Saras analytics focuses on data management and predictive analysis that will engage with the data of the business in any stage of the data life circle. In other words, we can say that they help in putting some life in the data. With this, the decision making gets easy and results are driven as per the standards and expectations.

To know more, the following are some of the products offered by Saras solutions:

  • Daton- This is the data management software that aggregates the data and results it out in the form of data analytics and hypothesis. This reduces the need for manual reporting and also reduces the chances of error. This helps the business analysts, data scientists and engineers to focus on the end result rather than wasting time on calculating analytics. most businesses use saras analytics tool like Daton, which is also called data replication superhero, stores all the enterprise data into a data warehouse. There is no doubt that daton helps in removing the hurdles, helping sure to solve the complex problems at ease. Some of the features of daton are no coding, transparency, data migration, data analytics, no maintenance required, no data loss, data capture and transfer and much more. This software system has helped out many top businesses as they can now easily focus on the decision making just after seeing the results in a few minutes. It will be your data warehouse and will provide you with the analytics in no time. To use daton, visit the online space of Saras solutions. Sign up, select the data source, select the data warehouse and enjoy it free for 14 days. Know that this system is secure, reliable and is very easy to set up.
  • Halo- We all know that e-commerce businesses are flourishing these days. Halo is an insight software and a one-stop solution that helps in delivering a powerful business intelligent package that further helps in providing consolidated business KPIs, encourages data exploration, delivery insights, customer reactions, and much more. Halo helps in saving business time by automating the transfer, transformation, preparation and quality control for reporting and analysis. This system will help the eCommerce data into actionable data sets and reports helping the business to grow. All the eCommerce reports and insights are easily delivered without the need for coding. The setup is very easy and reliable.

So above are the products offered by Saras solutions. You can get them subscription-based and can set them up in no time. To know about their services, there are two categories i.e. analytics and BI services and data warehousing.

In analytics, it includes:

  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO) – CRO is the process of increasing the percentage of conversions from a website or an app. It helps in generating ideas for the elements on the app which can be improved. It will help in establishing conversion metrics and identifying areas that should be optimized.
  • Google analytics implementation- Google analytics helps in identifying the trends and patterns in how the visitors engage with their websites. This will help in monitoring, visualization, reporting and integration with the other application. This will ensure that the analytics are reliable and comprehensive.

In BI services and data warehousing, it includes:

  • Data strategy- Data strategy includes performance management, data exploration, social analytics and decision science. These are the tools and processes which helps in defining how one can manage, analyze and act on the business data. This will help the business to take informed decisions, making sure that your data is safe and secure.
  • Business Intelligence and data visualization- This will help in unleashing the insights hidden in your data. Data visualization helps in converting the raw material or information into a graphic format. This will help in the easy adaptation of the information. Whereas business intelligence will help in focusing on gathering, organizing and identification of patterns of the business.
  • Data quality- It counts information in qualitative and quantitative form, in short measures the condition of data based on the factors like accuracy, completeness, consistency, reliability etc.
  • Data engineering and customized data collection- Know that data engineering is the process of designing and building the system for collecting, storing and analyzing data at scale. The Saras solution will help in providing customized data collection services which help in building the foundation.

So above are the services provided by the Saras solution. Saras Solutions India Pvt Ltd offers all these products and services helping the business to grow. They will help to take you on the journey to become a data-driven business involving people with different skills with a common goal. Their software solutions will help you to aggregate all your data and store it in a data warehouse and provide analytics within a few minutes. Whether small or medium business, their services will help your business to grow. Also, know that their products and services are easy, affordable and accessible. Their analytical and machine learning solutions will solve the complex problems such as sales forecasting, segmentation and much more. So get their services to reach your common goal or aim.


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