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Montana Jordan: Bio, Age, Height, Career, Girlfriend, & Net Worth

American actor Montana Jordan was born on March 8, 2003. He played Jaden in his debut film The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter in 2018. The movie also had Danny McBride and Josh Brolin.

How was Montana Jordan’s early life

Montana was born in Longview, Texas. Of his parents, his mother Kelli Pieratt Smith was a first-grade teacher, and his father was Tony Jordan. Montana is one of the three Jordan siblings and he is the youngest of them all. He has two older sisters-Katelli Jordan and Jaden Jordan.

Montana was into dirt biking and played for the Ore City Rebels National team. He was also keen on hunting and indulged in Motocross racing. He took lessons in playing the acoustic guitar as a preparation for his role as Jaden.

His cherubic persona got him his debut role

Montana Jordan indeed had no acting background, training, or experience behind him. But, due to his playful, energetic, and charismatic persona, many of his acquaintances goaded him to attend a casting call for the movie. It held in Ore City, an east Texas town. lisa kudrow He responded and finally got selected in the audition for the role. After the final selection, Montana sought permission to travel back to his home from North Carolina. He then bid goodbye to his family and friends and traveled back to North Carolina along with his mom so that rehearsing and shooting of the film could start. He got picked from among 10,000 aspirants in the audition.

Montana Jordan went from being a small-town kid to becoming one of Hollywood’s renowned actors. Montana became part of mega Hollywood projects and movies including “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter” in 2017 and the most talked-about CBS sitcom “Young Sheldon” the same year.

It was his mother who spotted the latent talent in Montana Jordan when he used to display his acting skills in front of her. His mother prompted him to take part in auditions for acting projects. So, on her insistence, Montana took part as a 12-year-old in a film project that starred Josh Brolin.

After his initial success as Brolin’s son in The Legacy of Whitetail Deer Hunter, Montana and his mother flew to Los Angeles. Montana, as a 14-year-old kid gave the audition for the role of Young Sheldon, a sitcom that was a spinoff of the Big Bang theory. Here also young Montana Jordan clinched the coveted role of George Cooper, Jr., the eldest brother of Sheldon Cooper.

Montana Jordan’s net worth

Montana, who got nominated for the award of a ‘Young Artist Award in for Best Performance in a TV Series’ as a supporting teen actor in 2018 has a net worth of US$ 2 million. He also worked in a few series of the TV Talk show The Talk and Steve.

It estimated that Montana Jordan, who played George on the show, was paid US$ 18,200 per episode in the first season.

As per stats from Social Blade, Montana makes around US$ 33 to US$ 547 from his YouTube Channel every month. He yearly income from his YouTube channel is estimated to be between US$400 and US$ 6.6K.

His YouTube channel has garnered more than 13k subscribers. Apart from Vlogs, Montana Jordan also uploads prank videos on his channel.

Does Montana have a girlfriend? Who is Montana Jordan dating?

Dating and partners of celebrities always make news and people are more than interested to know who these celebs are going around with. So, is Montana Jordan also seeing somebody? His loyal fans, especially the girls would like to know. Montana is now 19 years old and boys his age do date girls.

The good news for all his female fans, Montana Jordan is in most likelihood single and not dating anyone. He may be dating someone in private, but no information is available in the media. Even the paparazzi do not have any photographs to prove that. No dating website has confirmed Montana Jordan’s dating status. So, it assumed by everyone in the publishing industry that Montana is single and not going around with anyone.

However, looking at his personality and charming characteristics, and growing popularity, it unlikely that Montana Jordan would not get hooked soon onto any relationship. Some do claim that Montana had a few flings or relationships in the past, but no concrete word is out about this.

Zodiac sign of Montana Jordan

Montana Jordan was born on March 8, so his zodiac sign is Pisces and hence his ruling planet is Neptune. As per the Chinese horoscope, the zodiac animal of Montana is a Goat. He is a water sign. According to astrology, Jordan’s life path is number 7.

Montana Jordan’s education

Although Montana started his career early in his life when most students are busy with their schooling, he completed his education on the side. He is a graduate by qualification despite being a busy actor throughout his academic life. It is a great achievement for celebrities who complete their education despite a super busy career. And Montana Jordan is one of them.

Facts about Montana Jordan you’d love to know

Some even say that apart from being a child prodigy who showed his acting talent very early by getting selected for the role in “The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter”, Montana also did theatre. He took part in plays on stage in theatres. It needs real talent to perform in front of a live audience on stage when the feedback is instant and real-time.

Montana Jordan has more than 215k followers on his official Instagram page.

Bottom line

Montana Jordan is now young and this super-talented actor who started his career as a child has a long way to go. His fans assured him that Montana will do wonders as an actor in the coming years. Although nothing is known about the acting projects he at hand currently, he busy working out something interesting for the fan in the coming days.

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