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Hero Connect App Launched in India

Heromoto Corp., India’s greatest bicycle producer, showed up as “Legend partners”. The security and prosperity features given by the Pursuit Legend Partner device integrate cut-down Alerts, Geo-Wall Preparedness, Live Following, Speed Watchfulness, and towaway preparedness, among others.

The most recent version of the Android application for Legend Connection points called Hero Connect. Legend MotoCorp Ltd. is the application’s producer. The vehicle has telematics hardware and a planned SIM. It is an organization capacity that Legend Motocorp offers with an assurance of their bikes and mopeds.

An Android or iOS versatile application can used to connect with the part, which mounted high in the bike’s instrument bunch. Riders could get all ride information on their PDAs on account of this ability. At this moment, the fundamental esteem for the accessibility ability is Rs 4,999.



Sends an SMS to your selected cellphone number and your emergency contacts in case your vehicle flips over, close by an application notice.

Driving Report

Trip assessment: Helps in investigating information for your new excursions as a rule, including distance traveled, time spent, and course taken.Driving Score: Concludes your score considering a couple of driving norms of direct and gives analysis on your bike driving capacities.Speed Alert: Illuminates you by implying regarding your mobile phone whenever your vehicle outperforms beyond what many would consider possible you’ve set.

Vehicle Security

SMS messages sent off the enlisted phone and the Legend Partner application frightened when the vehicle flips. Exactly when the spread-out speed restriction outperformed, it sends a speed alert. There is a set application notice.

It can follow a vehicle logically and give information on its course. It offers a two reprimand. Unapproved vehicle advancement can found. SMS and Application are passed on to the entered versatile number. A geofence-prepared decision exists. Exactly when the vehicle pulls out from one region and appears at its goal, the application gets an admonition.

A more serious level of framework organization with an accentuation on security and prosperity is called Legend Points of interaction. This is the fundamental cruiser that licenses clients to associate their telephones. Legend Point of Interaction outfits clients of this bike with cloud-based riding.


You ought to switch on the engine off button, turn on the instrument gathering, and hit the mode button on the bundle. Directly following making some waves in and out of town, the bike will begin to appear in the application and the screen will give the Bluetooth matching decision.

The application will send you a notification mentioning matching at whatever point you have picked your bike. Moreover, it will request the Pin, which is displayed on the instrument bunch screen and can either be a letter or a number.

You will be redirected to the application’s home screen or dashboard resulting to pressing the partner button.On the instrument bundle, you can pick the course decision to begin turn-by-turn course.



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