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Fascinating DOXEL RAISES Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow?

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Doxel raises $40M from Insight, a16z to become the ‘Waze for construction

Doxel raises $40M from Insight, a16z to become the ‘Waze for construction’

The software is a16z to become the ‘Waze for construction’ a control system that uses cameras, BIM information, and budget and schedule data to predict when and how much it will cost to fix any construction project problems before its management is aware of them.

Tech Doxel raises $40M from Insight, which offers computer-vision-powered predictive analytics for a16z to become the ‘Waze for construction’, has raised $56.5 million after closing $40 million in Series B fundraising. With this funding, led by the global private equity/venture capital firm Insight Partners and including participation from existing investors Andreessen Horowitz and Amplo, Doxel will be able to rapidly accelerate recruitment across its engineering, sales, marketing, and product teams, allowing it to scale its artificial intelligence platform.

What Doxel does

Customers of Doxel rely on the company’s AI-powered Project Controls platform to help them discover delays and cost overruns on construction projects, which ultimately saves them millions of dollars. This is comparable to how people who drive cars have become dependent on satellite technology in order to get around traffic jams. Loss of revenue because of the inaccessibility of capital assets for use as anticipated is more catastrophic than cost overruns.

The company’s AI-driven Project Controls platform integrates with various live data sources, such as 360-degree pictures, building information models (BIM), and cost and time estimates, to provide owners and contractors with a greater level of insight and command over construction projects. Because of this, building owners and contractors will be able to avoid the snowball effect, which results in delays and increased costs. Since then, Doxel has worked as a capital expenditures monitor for various Fortune 500 companies, including Kaiser Permanente and Shell Oil, overseeing combined spending of billions of dollars.

Key Facts

  • Doxel, a business that specialises in developing software that uses computer vision to keep an eye on building sites, has recently secured $40 million in Series B funding.
  • What differentiates it from competitors is its forward-thinking approach to the building industry.
  • The objective is to assist property owners and general contractors in maintaining their timelines and budgets for building projects by lowering the probability of a cascading effect of delays and cost overruns.
  • According to the claims made by the company, its customers have seen an average increase in productivity of 38 percent and an increase in project expenses of up to 11 percent due to employing the company’s technology.

The Shell Experience

Doxel’s AI-Powered Project Controls platform allowed their team to enhance the level of oversight over the installation from spot checks to over one hundred percent, which was a significant improvement. Managing Director of Information Technology for the Shell Polymers Pennsylvania Chemicals Project

  • The success of Doxel’s platform is contingent on its ability to fulfil the following criteria:
  • In order for groups to be able to make decisions regarding a building project founded on data rather than supposition, it is recommended that a shared and objective reality check be created.
  • Bring together all of the disparate aspects of the project in one cohesive whole and do away with the informational islands in order to encourage team members to work together rather than compete with one another.
  • In order to prevent a potential problem from delaying the project by days and incurring additional costs, produce accurate predictions in a timely manner.


It takes weeks of manual mining to extract insights on a project’s cost and schedule performance from most construction management software systems, which rely on manual data entry or photographs tagged to blueprints. Doxel raises $40M from Insight is the only solution to take in all the necessary data, process it using their AI, and then extrapolate what the project might look like.

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