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Chinese Adaptive Robotics Flexiv Raises Over $100M Funding Led by Meituan

In a world where automation has become the buzzword with top companies scurrying to achieve that, firms that are into developing robots are attracting much attention. All top investment firms are making a beeline to provide funds to these companies. One such company is China’s robotics company Flexiv.

Flexiv Chinese 100m Investment

The adaptive robotics company flexiv has recently managed to sweep more than $100 million in funds from a host of investors including Chinese firm Meituan.

Other key investors that helped Flexiv scoop such a decent amount in the capital are Meta Capital, New Hope Group, Jack Ma’s YF Capital, and Longwood among others. as per Flexiv 100m series meituanritatechcrunch

About Flexiv and Its Aim Behind 100m Funding

With more than half of its employees stationed in China, Flexiv has operations in several cities in China and California in the US. The company was founded in 2016 by Stanford’s Biomimetics and Dexterous Manipulation Lab alumnus Wang Shiquan.

The sole focus of the company is to manufacture adaptive robots for the manufacturing industry. The AI-powered adaptive robots built by Flexiv can be a great help for sectors like agriculture, medical care, logistics, etc.

According to Wang, there is ample scope for AI-driven adaptive robots in the market. There is enough room for automation in the manufacturing industry, and robots will be in huge demand in the coming years.

So, the Flexiv ai 100m funding is very much an impact on the market trend as per the flexiv Chinese 100m series meituanliaotechcrunch.

Wang also added that the robots his company builds have the advantage of force feedback and advanced computer vision systems. They have the edge of accommodating new settings and eventually help factory management in saving both, time and money while installing new machines. The adaptive robots rolled out by his company are superior to others, quipped the Flexiv founder.

AI-driven Robots are Here to Stay

Robots can be of great help in the manufacturing sector. Robots take up repetitive tasks in the process of manufacturing any item, which is otherwise very tedious and tiresome for humans. as per flexiv 100m series meituanritatechcrunch

Robots can also collaborate with humans in the process of production of any product. They are not a threat to human capital as assumed by many. Rather, they are a helping hand to human workers to expedite the process of manufacturing. Repetitive work may distract human workers, who then become susceptible to making errors. So, the introduction of robots in doing such tasks can only help in obliterating such errors by workers.

This invariably brings robots to the forefront of the manufacturing industry. So, this makes the picture crystal clear why Flexiv 100m series funding is not an aberration.

Such companies will always be in demand now that build robots propelled by artificial intelligence. The high level of dexterity of robots makes them indispensable in the manufacturing industry, as companies would always look to hasten production with zero margins for errors. This will not only save time for the companies but also save a lot of money. The human workforce engaged earlier in the repetitive tasks of the production line can be used in other sections of the process. as per flexiv 100m series meituanritatechcrunch

So, there will be more funding for companies like Flexiv as robots are in demand in the industry. The demand is only going to increase in the coming times. So, investing companies will also keep a close eye on the sector, to provide funds to eligible companies to ramp up production. This is a win-win situation for the investment sector and robot-manufacturing companies like Flexiv.

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