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8 Pro Tips For Designing Custom Sweatshirts For Sale

So, you have decided to open a clothing store. Whether you focus on just online sales or launch your own brand you intend to sell at brick-and-mortar storefronts, there are a few tricks of the trade that will save you a lot of work in the long run. After all, there is no sense in trying to reinvent the wheel. In this article, we will explore a handful of expert tips that will assist you in designing your custom sweatshirts for the market.

Tip #1 – Select Your Customization Technique

There are many different ways to customize sweatshirts—for example, print designs and artwork with heat transfers. The designs can be hand-painted. You may choose to custom embroider or tie-dye the sweatshirts. Or you may incorporate a mixture of all of these methods into your inventory. Whatever you do, you must do your homework, as each customization method has advantages and disadvantages. Plus, if you are on a tight budget, your choices may become far more limited, which is an essential factor to consider.

Tip #2 – Pay Attention To Measurements

Ordering clothing online is challenging enough to shop for something you only see photographs of and cannot touch. Another downside to this form of shopping is the sizing. It is crucial that if you are setting up an online clothing store, your sizing is straightforward. Different manufacturers in different parts of the world have different sizing standards. Plus, items sold as one-size-fits-all are other than those advertised. So, a medium may fit small, indicating that the sizes run slightly on the small size to be safe.

Tip #3 – Carry Many Different Colors

Carry various colors in your inventory when customizing sweatshirts. In other words, stay away from just having Earth tones. Customers will wish for colors of the rainbow and possibly some outrageous shades. While your budget and warehousing limits will dictate how many products and shades of green you will have in stock, it is vital to have a good selection of colors available. Don’t just carry the ones you like the most, as your tastes will vary from those of your customers. 

Tip #4 – Pick A Design You Like

For customizing a sweatshirt for yourself, always stick to designs you like. The main reason for this is that if it happens to be something you want or represents your personality, you are more likely to wear it more often. In addition, this is true with your online clothing store. It is essential to provide access to various designs across the spectrum. Not everyone will find a cute kitten design to their liking. The same applies to those individuals who prefer something funny or a bit risque. Customizing means matching someone’s likes and favorites.

Tip #5 – Double-Check Everything

The point in the customization process is where you get another chance to make sure everything is correct. Things to double-check include the sizing of the design you are about to apply to your sweatshirt to give it a custom look. If the size is too big or too small, now is the time to correct that. Also, double-check that the design is positioned correctly for where you want it applied. Again, if the placement differs from where you want it to be, this is your last chance to realign it. You will be glad you completed this step.

Tip #6 – Always Be Open To Ideas

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere and when you least expect it. You could be in line at the grocery store, or someone says something to you that conjures up ideas. Remember, if you focus on customization, you must find ways to let those creative juices flow. Check out what other online shopping sites are doing, like Bella + Canvas, and see how you can move forward from the ideas you find through that research. Remember that there are no bad ideas, just ideas you haven’t had a chance to tweak into something helpful yet.

Tip #7 – Become Familiar With The Material

Although you may like how brushed cotton feels against your skin in a sweatshirt, someone else may not. Others may prefer bamboo cotton or another more ecological choice. Others may shy away from certain materials because they have allergies that they can trigger. The more you know about the different materials you have at your disposal, the better equipped you are to offer alternatives to individuals seeking something other than a cotton/polyester blend. Plus, the more material choices you have, your customer base becomes more comprehensive.

Tip #8 – Monitor Online Reviews

As much as you are the expert on your product line, the people and opinions you should factor into any changes you choose will be related to your customers. If they love your work, they will rave about it online. If they dislike your work, they will rant about it online. Hopefully, the raves are louder than the rants, but the rants can tell you something important. You need to change if you keep only some of your customers happy. Keeping an eye on those reviews will notify you when the timing is right for changes.

Final Thoughts

Consider several factors when designing custom sweatshirts for retail. These tips are listed above and are all common sense-based and easy to adhere to in your customization process. They will give you some direction as you develop the standards to follow with your online clothing store.With some guidelines to follow, you can easily maintain your focus without harming your business goals. That will defeat the purpose of being in business. Sticking to a solid process gives you a better chance at success. 

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