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5 of 2023’s Top Women’s Short Trends Predictions

When the warm weather arrives in 2023, cute shorts will come out to play. It’s hard to argue with a practical yet chic pair of women’s shorts – they’re a wardrobe staple to line up your closet during the warm weather. If airy pants are not breathable and comfy enough to survive the hot summer days, you can undoubtedly count on shorts for a severe dose of dopamine-dressing magic.

Trendy shorts for women are versatile and easy to wear and can also make light work of all your spring and summer plans. Whether you want something for running errands, wearing to the office, or going out with your favorite girls, a nice pair of shorts can suit every occasion.

However, before you choose your pair, think about the design, length, and fabric. For example, a linen or lightweight cotton piece will help you stay breezy, but satin or crisp cotton shorts can give you a bit of a dressed-up appeal.

Once you have scored your cute women’s shorts, remember to shop for the perfect warm-weather footwear and tops to go with them. That said, here are five crème de la crème of 2023’s women’s shorts trends you should try on.

1- Printed Cargo Shorts

Printed cargo shorts from the aughts are quickly finding their way into your spring and summer closets, and we’re not complaining. On the contrary, style gurus predict that shorts hitting the knee will rule the roost in 2023 because they are a little longer and provide more coverage than average pieces, which makes the cargo shorts ideal for everyday wear.

We love that these cargo shorts come in various trendy prints and patterns, including many camo styles. According to styling experts at Sanctuary Clothing, you can wear the low-waist or high-waist. So you can expect printed cargo shorts to feel comfortable and stylish.

Consider pairing your printed cargo shorts with a long-sleeved striped tee for a laid-back yet edgy look. The two printed items will go wonderfully together, making it easy to add accessories. For instance, a leather crossbody handbag can be the finishing touch to this ensemble. As for shoes, you can wear a simple pair of sandals or sneakers to elevate the casualness factor of your outfit.

A neutral-colored print tank top and a pair of printed cargo shorts are an off-duty combination you can put together in a flash without much effort or thought. Showcase your sartorial skills by adding a pair of low-top sneakers or strappy sandals to this lifesaver yet chic outfit.

2- High-Waisted Shorts

High-waisted pieces stole the show during this year’s spring and summer seasons, but the trend will continue through to 2023’s warm weather. It’s easy to see why the style has been fashionable for quite some time now – it offers excellent versatility—high-waisted shorts, prized for their design, figure-fluttering, and overall comfort.

Not just that, these high-waist beauties are available in an array of gorgeous patterns, colors, and watches to suit the vibe and personality of your closet. Besides, the shorts, when paired correctly, look uber-chic and cool.

High-waisted shorts are effortless to mix and match with sandals, graphic tees, and tank tops, plus there are also myriad ways to add elegance to these pieces. You can shop for them in various lengths and fabrics, including Capri, denim, Bermuda, and even satin. Finally, opt for a pair with both back and front pockets to store away your stuff for the ultimate practicality.

The good thing about high-waisted shorts is that they look amazing on anyone, regardless of your taste in fashion, body type, or occasion. The real magic pops when it comes to styling. The easiest way to wear high-waisted shorts is not to overthink them and go with the classics. We’re talking about denim and a white tank top. Whether you opt for a button-down top or a puff-sleeve number, the combination will look clean, crisp, and timeless.

If you’re in a styling rut, consider a monochromatic outfit by pairing your high-waisted shorts and a top in the same shade. Monochromatic outfits are not just effortless to piece together; they also come across as elevated, sophisticated, and sleek. In 2023, play around with single-colored short outfits with texture and prints. A bit of camo, ruffles, or gingham can make your sartorial prowess shine through.

Naturally, you’d want to offset loose-fitting or oversized shorts with a crop top or a tight shirt. However, you can go the other way around and dress up your high-waisted shorts. An oversized cardigan, sweatshirt, or sweater – especially one in the same shade as your shorts – can work like a charm, not to mention very comfortable.

3- Paper-Bag Shorts

Paper-bag shorts are poised to take over women’s wardrobes in 2023 for their versatile design and overall comfort. These Instagram-ready short styles are fun and sophisticated, as well. In addition, they offer decent coverage and go well with various clothing items and accessories.

The easiest way to rock paper-bag shorts and make them look elegant is to go for a crop top, or something tucked in at the waist. The last thing you want is a top that’ll cover your shorts’ best-selling features, such as the tie and flared-out detail. Besides, wearing an untucked shirt will make the top bunch up, and the waist appears bulky.

But don’t overthink it. Baggy shorts marry well with a wide range of tops, including button-down shirts, lightweight blouses, basic tees, crop tops, sleeveless, and bodycon tank tops. As for shoes, “endless options” is the punch line. Paper-bag shorts look dashing with ankle boots, heels, flats, sandals, and trusty sneakers.

4- Bike Shorts

While athletic shorts may not be the first thing that pops your mind when you think of a fashion statement, bike shorts are here to change. This short, evergreen style is just as important in the world of fashion as it is in the athletic space. It’s hard to argue with the relevance and importance of athleisure in the post-pandemic era.

No matter your activity level or style, a nice pair of bike shorts provides endless ways to wear and exercise for a healthier lifestyle. It’s a hot-girl-summer must-have that can revamp your warm-weather wardrobe.

5- Bermuda Shorts

If there’s one short style that will stick around forever, it’s Bermuda. The high-rise shorts are figure-flattering, ultra-comfy, and chic. In 2023, we recommend getting a pair or two in trendy bright colors like Empire Yellow, peach pink, Tangelo, or classic green.

There you have it – five of 2023’s best women’s short trends to look forward to. High-rise or high-waisted short styles will undoubtedly be big, but remember the power of evergreen options like printed cargo shorts. From Bermuda to paper-bag pieces, it’s high time to stock your wardrobe with these beauties for the coming months.

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